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London in Colour, 1926

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I love this piece of film shot in 1926. Not too many ladies walking about but when you do see them, the cloches and knee-length skirts are lovely. There’s one scene when the camera is driving forward through an extremely crowded street full of working class men in suits, ties and skally caps and there’s one woman wearing her cloche. Everyone is looking back at the camera in happy curiosity.

The piano music (appearing halfway through the reel) is one of my faves – from the movie Amelie. I can’t play the piano but I just want to learn this one song.

A bit of advice: Play this one full screen.

[H/T: Small Dead Animals]

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Barbarians at the Gate

Did you know that London is burning? Didn’t think so.

Looters claim, “We’ve got no jobs. This is payback” Yet, they break windows wearing designer sneakers and coordinate their anarchy on I-Phones. This is not materialistic poverty. It’s moral poverty.

Watch as a man with a bloody nose is helped off the ground. His “rescuers” proceed to steal from his backpack.

Get the latest coverage at the Telegraph UK web site because you’re not going to get it on American T.V.

H/T for video: Small Dead Animals