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My Space

Last weekend I attended the Washington County Antique Fair. The Fair is only 15 minutes away from home so it’s a pleasant half day away from the Wee One. While channeling every Better Homes & Garden decorator article and Pinterest home decor board, I picked up an old sewing cabinet drawer for $5.

A few days later that same drawer is now a sewing curio shelf.

Sewing and St. Theresa. There's a connection somewhere.

Connecting crafting and St. Therese.

I took the picture at an angle because apparently I can’t center shelving. I was wondering about any connection between St. Therese of Lisieux and crafting, and one came to me. The Little Flower’s mother made lace and had a thriving home business that allowed her husband to sell his jewelry business.

My space is a cute little room just off the bedroom. About 35 years ago, the room was a larger one that was divided in two. The half by the hallway was turned into a bathroom. A doorway was cut into the bedroom to make the other half a sitting/dressing room. I think the wallpaper is 35 years old, too. Someday I’ll fix the walls and paint it some color. Red? Sage? In the meantime, I’ll sit well-contented under the gaze of St. Therese.


Great British Sewing Bee – And The Winner Is…

Here it is…the finale of the Great British Sewing Bee and it didn’t disappoint. Ann, Sandra and Lauren sewed a men’s shirt, hand embroidered a purse and fitted and created a ladies evening dress.

I loved Sandra’s cheeky attitude. I wanted to hug Lauren and tell her that she’s really good. And Ann, well, she needed no encouragement whatsoever.

Who won? I’m not going to spoil it but I will say that there will be another Sewing Bee. Yippee! Until then, I’m going to have to write about something else on this blog.


Great British Sewing Bee – Episode 3

It’s semi-final time and one contestant goes home. Now that it’s down to four, the viewers get a chance to see how good these sewers really are. About 24 minutes into the episode there is a delightful segment about British sewers during World War II and the “Make Do and Mend” movement.

The finals are next week and I’m all aquiver!

Great British Sewing Bee – Episode 2

The Great British Sewing Bee, episode 2 is online and this time 2 contestants are sent home. I was able to guess which ones before the reveal but, that being said, they are way better sewers than I am. This episode was just as good as the first one. My only complaint: I want to move the bangs from the hosts’s eyes.

Me So Crafty IV, Part Deux

A few weeks back, I related my adventures sanding and painting a kitchen chair in Me So Crafty IV. I had one other chair to give the same treatment.

My second project was the brown chair on the left.

I paid $5.00 for the chair at the Washington County Antique Fair and Flea Market. Unlike the first chair, the brown paint was like shellac. Even with a sander, the paint would not give up the ghost so easily. After a couple of days, I got down to the bare wood, painted two coats of Cherry Red paint and printed the leaf/branch motif.

Final Product

I crocheted a round seat cover for it but the cover reminds me of a brown turd, so I won’t publish it here.

Me So Crafty IV

For the first time since I received it in 1994, I actually utilized my sewing machine. It speeded up the process of sewing a pair of curtains for the window over the kitchen sink. I’m not going to show the step-by-step process because I did things that one is not supposed to do when sewing curtains because I didn’t use a pattern. I’m not going to show the back of the curtains because they ain’t pretty. They’re not horrible but they ain’t pretty. All I care about is the part I see every time I do the dishes. The neighbors can deal with the messy sewing bits.

Not too bad...from a distance.


I designed the tea pot motif and created a filet crochet edging.

Me So Crafty III

I don’t want to vacuum or wash anymore windows, so what is a girl to do? Get crafty.

I’m in need of two chairs for my kitchen table. Currently we are using our dining room table chairs which are too tall for the kitchen table but they’ve been doing the trick since November. Yesterday I replaced one of the chairs with my old school replacement.

Step 1. Buy a chair at Savers for $5.99.

My $5.99 chair had flaking white paint which I sanded down to the wood.

Step 2. Sand paint down to the wood keeping a rough texture.

Step 3. Spray two coats of Cherry Red indoor/outdoor paint ($2.50) and use black acrylic paint ($4.50) to stamp a branch/leaf motif ($8.00) on the seat. The result:

Looking very farmhouse.

The stamp adds a nice touch and I like the rough look of the paint..