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London in Colour, 1926

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I love this piece of film shot in 1926. Not too many ladies walking about but when you do see them, the cloches and knee-length skirts are lovely. There’s one scene when the camera is driving forward through an extremely crowded street full of working class men in suits, ties and skally caps and there’s one woman wearing her cloche. Everyone is looking back at the camera in happy curiosity.

The piano music (appearing halfway through the reel) is one of my faves – from the movie Amelie. I can’t play the piano but I just want to learn this one song.

A bit of advice: Play this one full screen.

[H/T: Small Dead Animals]

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Too Bad

The Monkees cancel nine remaining tour dates, BBC News, August 11, 2011

This really is too bad. They had added a date in Albany, NY for September; billing it as, “An Evening with the Monkees.” It didn’t seem like it was going to be a straight-up concert; instead is was to be videos and discussions about songs and performances of rarely heard songs from Head.

When I first heard this news, I thought, “It’s Davy’s fault.” The BBC article confirms this suspicion from omission; only Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork are quoted. From interviews  and solo performances, Davy Jones seems (to me) a bitter man; a person who thought his life should have turned out better.

In the mid-1990s I attended the Wolfman Jack Rock n’ Roll Jukebox Show at the Kowloon in Saugus, Massachusetts. The Shangra-La’s, Fabian, and Davy Jones all performed, with the Wolfman MC’ing. The SL were great. Fabian was THE BEST. Davy Jones went through the motions. Telling the same tired jokes I heard during the Monkee reunion tours of the mid-1980’s. For the finale, the SL and Fabian came out and sang together. No Davy on stage. I remember imaging Davy sitting in his dressing room, with a bottle, seething that he would not share the stage with such “has-beens.”

Really, it is too bad that one man spoiled it for everyone.

Update: Maybe it wasn’t Davy’s fault.

Another Search Engine Keyword

I mentioned a few days ago about WordPress’ search engine keyword feature on the Site Stats page. There’s another popular phrase I see almost everyday and I’m not exaggerating when I type that. The search word keyphrase is:

Gordon Ramsey Shirtless

God help us all.

p.s. This is the blog page Ramsey fans hit.

So True

As part of the “Site Stats” info WordPress collects, you can see what search engine keywords were used to hit the blog. Today, someone typed,

baby boomers are the biggest complainers

So true.

BTW, they clicked on this blog entry, When Does It End?

Me So Crafty IV, Part Deux

A few weeks back, I related my adventures sanding and painting a kitchen chair in Me So Crafty IV. I had one other chair to give the same treatment.

My second project was the brown chair on the left.

I paid $5.00 for the chair at the Washington County Antique Fair and Flea Market. Unlike the first chair, the brown paint was like shellac. Even with a sander, the paint would not give up the ghost so easily. After a couple of days, I got down to the bare wood, painted two coats of Cherry Red paint and printed the leaf/branch motif.

Final Product

I crocheted a round seat cover for it but the cover reminds me of a brown turd, so I won’t publish it here.

Still Standing

Yup, I’m alive and kickin’ in the Empire State. Last night, Hubby and I moved to a new (temp) locale with wifi access!!! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!!! I promise to write more in the coming days but let me say that with each passing 24 hours, moving here was the right decision.

Happy Easter

H/T Patrick Madrid