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Game 7

Cheering for the Bruins far from Boston

Is This The Year?

Blood on the Ice?

UPDATE: Verdict…Nancyboys

On March 7th, Pittsburg Penguins player Matt Cooke hit Bruins’ Marc Savard, leaving him with a season ending concussion. Tonight the Bruins play the Penguins on home ice. Will the Bruins retaliate? Or will they be ice skating nancyboys? If you missed it, below is the video of the incident.

Milestone and Pregnancy Bullsh*t

While Hubby hung with Charlotte, I motored over to St. Cecilia’s to jog for the first time since last Spring. Every other lap was a jog, mixed with a walk. Overall I jogged 1 1/2 miles and I feel good. (Ask me tomorrow if I feel the same when certain leg muscles are sore from under use!) I’ve lost a good chunk of the baby weight but there’s a tire around my waist that needs to disappear. It will in time.

That being said, I’ve been reading what Gisele Bundchen (Tom’s old lady) has been yakking (in Portuguese, of course) concerning her pregnancy experience. First I hear she NEVER wore pregnancy clothes, “I gained a little, but I kept using almost the same clothes, with minor adjustments to close in the belly.” Then I read she had a natural birth in her bathtub that was painless, “The whole time, my head was so focused — every contraction, the baby is closer, the baby is closer. So, it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, what pain.’ It was, ‘With every contraction, he is getting closer to me.”

Don't hate me because I don't have pregnancies like YOU.

I ate well, kept active during my pregnancy and had a natural birth. From my experience, frankly put, Gisele is talking CRAP. I’ve read similar BS from that Kardashian chick who just had a kid and t.v. reality brat Nicole Ritchie. They do a great disservice to women by not telling the whole truth.

During labor there were times when the pain was so much that I cried, though I never yelled out loud. When Charlotte was cresting, I was asked if I wanted to feel her head. There was no way I was going to get out of my position. I just wanted her out…not because I wanted her closer to me…she just need to be OUT. Needless to say I didn’t feel her head at that particular time.

Sorry for the rant. The reality is that labor without drugs is painful, no matter who you are.

Here We Go Bruins!

While waiting for the 5:20 pm Fitchburg train in North Station, I noticed a sea of red, white and blue hockey jerseys with the CH logo emblazoned across the front. The Habs were in force for last night’s game against the Bruins. Immediately I knew what Hubby and I would be doing for the evening.


Source: Boston

And it was damn exciting. The Bruins clobbered Montreal, 6-1. Halfway through the game, Hubby predicted a big fight on the ice before it would end. He was right.  

The win brings the Black and Gold to FIRST PLACE in the division.


Road Warrior Strikes Again

My reward

My reward

On Sunday I completed my third Seacoast Century ride sponsored by the Granite State Wheelman. I’ve always enjoyed this ride because it’s (mostly) flat and there are lots of families who do this together. The 100 miler starts at Hampton Beach State Park in NH, heads south to Newburyport, MA and then turns north to Cape Neddick, ME and then back to Hampton Beach. I couldn’t ask for a nicer day: sunny with a hint of autumn coolness.

This time there was a difference in the riders. I didn’t see that many families and those who rode, were out for speed. I don’t know if it was because of the Portsmouth Criterium happening that day (a criterium is basically cyclists going in a circle really fast or, in this case, going around downtown Portsmouth really fast) or what but sometimes I felt like I was the turtle and everyone else was the hare. I admit, I’m not a fast rider but I can hold my own. Sheesh. But I did stop to smell the roses…well actually…to take a few photos which you can see on flickr.