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Birthday Party Hell

My Wee One is 3 years old and she received her first birthday party invite (from a family member). My first reaction was, “NO WAY!” It requires a three-hour drive into the Bay State, spending a lovely Spring afternoon inside a VFW-type building and imposing upon my wonderful in-laws for room and board. But I think the overriding thought about my most uncharitable feeling toward this invite is the thought of time with all those children.

My feeling about Toddler Birthday Parties

My feeling about Toddler Birthday Parties

I’m one of those mothers who loves my child but I’m not one to love other people’s children. When my daughter was a baby, mothers came up to me in restaurants, cooed over my child and asked,

“How old is she?”

“Is she sleeping through the night?”

I politely answered their questions. Because it seemed pro-forma, I politely asked about their kids but I would forget their answers within seconds.

Yes, I know I’m exposing myself to all sorts of negative commentary but I’m writing what I’m feeling. I just need to get it out.

Well, to end this diatribe, I have decided to take the Wee One to her first birthday party because I know she’s going to have a blast and I’m going to have a great time with family.

Rant mode: OFF.


I Never Thought…

…the words,

Don’t lick the chair

would escape my lips. They did. Yesterday at 6:00 pm EST.


A few days ago the wee one had trouble going to sleep. By the time I did the soothing mother thing and headed downstairs, it was past my bed time. Since I wanted little Miss to fall asleep, I stayed downstairs and turned on the t.v. Not interested in the news, I surfed and came across Freaky Friday (the new one with Lindsay Lohan) on ABC Family.

Desperate for Attention - Watch ABC Family!

The movie was o.k. but the crap that passes for original programming on ABC Family is appalling. The commercials for ABC Family shows like Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth made me think, “This passes for family entertainment in 2011?” For instance, the four main characters on “Pretty Little Liars” look like high class call girls. All these shows and the product commercials are geared toward teenagers.

And please don’t tell me I’m am old fuddy. I call ’em like I see ’em. This stuff is crap.

p.s. A few years back I wrote a small rant on the worst show on t.v. Even with one of the main stars gone, it’s still dragging on.

The Right Moment

The other day Hubby was rocking our 19 month old girl in his arms. This is remarkable because she is a bundle of energy; flitting here and there. But it was getting close to bedtime and she snuggled into his arms as he rocked and sang to her.

I sat on a chair and looked down on the two them; sharing their moment on the dining room floor. Looking at my girl, at just the right angle, I saw my husband’s face; the same face I’ve seen in childhood pictures. Everyone who knows Hubby and meets the wee one always comments on how much she looks like him.

At that particular moment, the resemblance was crystal clear and it brought a tear to my eye.

Sign of the Cross

Anzio Entrenchment. Credit: Life Magazine

My husband’s grandfather, Edward Corbett, was an army private for the U.S. 3rd Division. He was sent to Anzio in 1944.

A man of deep Catholic devotion, Edward learned his faith from his Boston-born mother and Irish-born father. This faith interceded saving the lives of his fellow servicemen.

One night during the Anzio campaign, Edward saw the sign of the cross in the evening fog. Seeing this gave Edward an assurance that would be unfailing. Less than a minute later, a grenade landed among his unit. Without hesitation, Edward covered the grenade with his helmet and laid his body over the helmet. The grenade exploded.

Hit with shrapnel, Edward was carried out and his time in the Army, over. The rest of his unit was unharmed.

Edward received metals for valor, went on to marry, have five children and, later in life, became a Franciscan. He was buried in his brown robe.

Edward told only one person about Anzio, his brother-in-law and a fellow WWII veteran, (Uncle) Blair. Blair related the story to Edward’s adult children after Edward’s death.

And now, I have related it to you.


The In-Laws (Mom, Dad, Brothers and Brother’s GF) have invaded our neck of the woods. We spent a relaxing evening on the porch talking about this and that and the other. I think our holiday evenings will be spent in the same manner.

The label has a 1930s feel.

Of course, every In-Law Invasion  goes easier with a glass of wine. Of late, I’ve been sipping Pennywise Petite Sirah. Around here, it sells for $8.99.


Off and On

New York or Bust

Since 2001 I have moved 4 times. I hate it. The packing. The throwing out. The cleaning. In two days we’re out of Leominster and this time a MOVING COMPANY is doing the packing and motoring. Wow! It’s weird to sit in my living room knowing that I’m outta here soon, yet nothing is packed. Strange.

Most of the food is gone and the household chemicals that we’re not taking are at the in-laws. We’ve picked the clothes and items that we will  keep with us. The phone calls to cancel the phone/internet/electricty will be made today. Already the mail is forwarded to our P.O. Box in New York.

We haven’t bought a place in NY. We’re renting a furnished loft near Hubby’s job that gives us the breathing room to shop around. It’s easy to buy a house. It’s more difficult to find a home.

Not that I’ve been a tireless blogger but my posts will be a bit sparse in the next few months. Luckily I know where the free wifi is located and hope to post our continuing adventures.