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Me So Crafty IV

For the first time since I received it in 1994, I actually utilized my sewing machine. It speeded up the process of sewing a pair of curtains for the window over the kitchen sink. I’m not going to show the step-by-step process because I did things that one is not supposed to do when sewing curtains because I didn’t use a pattern. I’m not going to show the back of the curtains because they ain’t pretty. They’re not horrible but they ain’t pretty. All I care about is the part I see every time I do the dishes. The neighbors can deal with the messy sewing bits.

Not too bad...from a distance.


I designed the tea pot motif and created a filet crochet edging.


Nothing Much

Nothing much to report from the homefront. On average I sleep 6 hours a night (interrupted sleep, mind you). In the wee hours when Charlotte is doing her thing, I’ve been catching up on my reading. The books (some I’m rereading) that have been keeping me awake at night:

  • Going Rogue, Sarah Palin
  • Arguing with Idiots, Glenn Beck
  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith (reread)
  • Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte (reread)
  • Northanger Abbey, Jane Austin (current book)

During the daylight hours I’ve been crocheting. Here’s the latest:

Lion Brand Free Pattern: Swing Set Pattern #90439AD

This is made for a 1 year old. I think Charlotte will look cute in it!


Today is the due date of the baby. Nothing happening yet. I can say something pithy like the waiting is worse than the labor but from hearing the war stories of other women…that statement is total bull. In the meantime I crocheted this lovely little sweater.

Pattern from Crochet Today, Jan/Feb. '10

Cross stitched snowflake

This is my first piece of crocheted clothing (other than hats and scarves) and I’m very pleased with it. In the meantime, I’ll just wait…

Counting Down

I’ve haven’t written about my pregnancy because I’m not one of those chicks to talk endlessly about such matters. It’s been a rather mundane experience. Back in May I had about three weeks of fatigue with a bit of a quesy stomach and that was it. This last month has me missing a good night sleep…just can’t get comfortable. Overall I am an active person (jogging, biking) but I haven’t been able to muster enough energy these last few weeks to manage anything exercise-able. Last week I pulled a groin muscle doing some activities. Not a good thing.

Instead I’ve been keeping busy doing some crochet and stitching a cross stitch sampler for the baby while waiting for Dec. 30, the due date, though it can happen at any time. Hubby keeps hoping that the nesting instinct kicks in but that ain’t happening. I think I’ve been pouring that instinct into crafty stuff. Check out the afghan throw I just finished:

Looks good from a distance.

Heck, it looks good close up, too.

Is it unmotherly to write that I want this all to be over? The main feeling is I just want my body back. I suppose that itsn’t too unusual. This has nothing to do with NOT wanting to be a mother and welcoming a new life into the world. To put a philosophical spin on the experience, pregnancy prepares a woman for the unselfish act of mothering. One gives her body over to another for nine months as the initial step toward a lifetime.

I’m up for it.

More Vintage Crochet Goodness, I

I came across another stash of crochet books at Hobart Village Antique Mall, Townsend, MA. These were  particularly plummy.

J&P Coats, 1943

Inside page:

Calling the PC Police! "Come out of the kitchen! Crochet pot holders for Bazaars, Fairs, Showers and for Gifts to your Friends."

J&P Coats, 1943

Inside page:

The only mention of WWII: "'Paint' the patriotic symbols of eagle and shield with your crochet a wall mount or a pillow top to commemorate these war days."

Latest Project

It seems this blog is turning into a crochet blog. Sorry about that! It’s just what’s been occupying my time but I have to show off my latest project: a baby blanket with an applique designed and stitched by moi. (Thank you very much!!!) Oh, BTW, I’m pregnant, that’s why I made this. Yup, due at the end of December. 🙂

This is a "Pound of Love" project from Lion Brand Yarn.

Brown and red felt attached with "fern" stitches and a sloppy "lazy daisy stitch."

Crochet Book Treasures VI

This is the last of my older crochet books.(Until I find more.) Mom gave me this one. Go Mom!

American Thread Co., circa 1965. This is so Dick Van Dyke.

Inside page:

"Dad, how long do I have to wear this?" "Humor your mother, son."