I grew up in Dartmouth, MA but since then have lived in Everett, MA, New Bedford, MA, Manchester, NH, Leominster, MA and upstate New York (in that order). My NH stint came about because I couldn’t stand the Massachusetts legislature ignoring voter initiative drives about 100% of the time.

I grew up an evangelical christian, attending non-denominational churches. (I was a member of a Southern Baptist church for a period.) I stopped going to church because I didn’t see the point. I hadn’t lost my faith but the question was, “Why bother if it’s just a time to sing, pray, listen to scripture and sermons. Besides, churches break up over the silliest things. (The church of my childhood in Westport, MA split over whether contemporary worship songs or traditional hymns be sung on Sunday mornings. Hymns won.) I can get worship on t.v. if that’s the case.” I knew it wasn’t an excuse but so it was until I met catholic Hubby.

When we started dating, we tried different protestant churches. I remember attending a Palm Sunday evening service at Park Street Church (Boston) featuring liturgical dance. As I was slinking deeper into the pew, I looked over at (then) boyfriend who had a quizzical look on his face. After service, (then) boyfriend asked, “Do we have to go back to the hippy church?” I said, “No” and that was it.

Knowing (then) boyfriend grew up catholic but was not currently practicing (a whole other story not fit for this blog), I picked a Catholic church near where I lived in Manchester, NH (St. Joseph’s Cathedral), mostly because they had a 7 p.m. Mass and both (then) boyfriend and I worked Sundays. I wasn’t expecting much. I said, “If the sermon is all about being a good catholic or a good person, we are not going back.”

The Mass was worshipful and Christ-filled. It was Pentecost, a day to celebrate the Holy Spirit filling the Apostles and the Blessed Mother, and is the “official” (is that correct to say?) beginning of the Church. The priest, Father Joe, whipped Holy Water onto the congregation and double-doused all the kids. What joy he radiated. It was unlike the other Masses I attended previously (all two of them). After Mass, I asked (then) boyfriend, “Can we come back next week?” He said yup. A year later I entered the Church and nine months later we got married (not pregnant, BTW).

Those who know me know I enjoy cycling on my Lemond Nevada City. I want to upgrade to a lighter bike but can’t justify the expense. I find most other cyclists to be snobs and I prefer to ride alone but I do make an exception for century rides. Mainly so I can get the t-shirt at the end.

I don’t eat meat or dairy. (Confession time: I recently had Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream and within an hour I got a headache and a zit above my upper lip.)

I drive Toyotas because they are better than the American-made cars. Currently I drive a sporty, red ’07 Toyota Matrix. It totally fits my lifestyle, such as it is. 

The older I get, the more conservative I become. If I had continued to live in NH, I would have gotten my gun license. In MA, it’s too complicated and too expensive. Good thing Hubby shoots (and he looks damn good doing it, too).

I can’t stand hanging on the beach. I need to be reading or walking – not sunbathing.

I love to travel.

I love beer and a good shiraz.

I love a cup of coffee with a book in the morning.

And I love my Husband. Years ago when I prayed about wanting to get married, I had certain criteria in mind. God fullfilled over and above anything I wished. My Hubby is a good man and God is a GREAT GOD!!!


4 responses to “About

  1. God bless you both!!!! I know he does!!!

  2. I love your webpage title and your discription of why even bother to go. I was a Baptist and converted to Mormon because of the same things. Anyway, your page has a good feeling about it. Just wanted to let you know that you were noticed 🙂
    God Bless!!!

  3. sorry to be picky about semantics. but if God is a Great God than there would be other gods who weren’t so great… I don’t think you meant that.

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