Pattern Jackpot and an Added Kindness

I’m a newbie to sewing. Everytime I sew something, whether it’s a dress for myself or a jumper for my daughter, there’s always something stitched wrong; a little pucker here, an unintentional zig-zag stitch there or a not-quite invisible zipper. But, as I’ve mentioned before, if I’m not embarrassed to wear it in public, all the better.

And as a newbie, I have a fever that just won’t quit. Whenever I visit a flea market or thrift store, I look for a stash of cheap patterns. I don’t know if I’ll ever sew them, but, hey, the pattern was only 25 cents – SCORE!

I scored over the weekend of my toddler birthday hell. While Father-In-Law watched the Wee One, Mother-In-Law (M-I-L) and I escaped to the Dudley Do Right Flea Market. It was a gorgeous Sunday morning (we visited after Mass, BTW) and there were not many wandering the aisles. I had just bought three patterns for 75 cents and was eyeing the booths when I swooped upon a large plastic bin full of Butterick patterns.

While pawing through the patterns, my M-I-L chatted with the young girl manning the booth. As a teacher aid at the local elementary school, M-I-L knows half the school-aged kids in the area. This girl was the sweetest and had some evident learning disabilities but here she was, managing her grandmother’s very large booth. Since I was with M-I-L, the girl offered me a 2-for-1 deal on the patterns and offered a set price for the whole bin. Slick. Real slick.

I didn’t need the whole bin but I picked out a number of Retro Butterick patterns that were actually in my size. As I paid for my “new” patterns, the girl told my M-I-L about middle school and some of the shenanigans going on (not good) and I thought this girl is on the brink of choosing two paths which will determine how her life will go.

Before we left, I shook the girl’s hand and thanked her for a pleasant shopping experience. I don’t think an adult ever asked to shake her hand because her whole face lit up like a Christmas tree.

If you pray, pray for this girl in Dudley, MA.

And let me end with a picture of my Pattern Jackpot:

All this for $4.75

All this for $4.75


4 responses to “Pattern Jackpot and an Added Kindness

  1. Awesome deal on the patterns! I’m running out of space to store mine, although, I will admit that I don’t usually shop for used patterns. Something to consider the next time I’m thrift store browsing. ~Sabrina 🙂

  2. Believe it or not I actually get a lot of patterns at Jo Anns, my local one runs sales about once a month or so where they will be $1 a pattern. Though I also get some at Salvation Army, they are seriously retro though.

    • I see that Jo Anns is having a sale soon; Simplicity – 5 for $5. 🙂

      • I’m looking forward to it, I’ve got a project in mind that I want a few Simplicity patterns for. Eventually Vouge and even Burda will go on sale as well, but those will be for 3$ , still, significantly better than the 18$ their quoted as.

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