Great British Sewing Bee

Over the last 12 months I’ve gotten into sewing. My criterion is if I’m not embarrassed wearing it in public, then it’s a success. Never would I show my stitches to a seamstress. I know my abilities, thank you very much.

Tax-payer supported BBC has a new show, The Great British Sewing Bee. Basically, the Corporation throws together a group of disparate Brits and have them do various sewing projects in a set amount of time. Two judges critique everyone and decides who “goes home.”

Viewer stress rises when Michelle stretches out her silk and Tilly becomes over ambitious with her pattern design. It’s all in good fun and I like the fact that there is no backstabbing and no personal sob stories, a la NBC’s Olympic Athlete mini-bios.

Check out the first episode for yourself:


One response to “Great British Sewing Bee

  1. This was so delightful to watch. Thank so much for posting this.

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