He So Pretty and Righteous

The pretty boy you see in the below YouTube clip is Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre. Pierre was a major political force in Canadian politics in the latter half of the twentieth century and his son, Justin, is hoping for the same place in history.  For any Americans reading this, substitute “Trudeau” with “Kennedy.”

I’m not going to comment on the politics of this 3 minute clip. What struck me most about it is the self-entitlement of a privileged politician. His liberal views MUST BE shared by ALL Canadians. BTW, who talks about himself in the third person?

Another thing that struck me about Justin’s press statement, it came across as a third-rate t.v. movie about a young, principled politician striving to change a corrupt government. Unfortunately the actor, chosen because the producers thought he reminded them of Christian Bale, is as third-rate as the script, strutting to the microphone, chewing the scenery in his overheated “earnestness.” I love the two female reporters flanking Justin; one looks like she’s falling asleep and the other turns her face away (from laughing?). I particularly love the very end when you hear a reporter yell, “Oh, come on!”


One response to “He So Pretty and Righteous

  1. There is really a Canada? Thought it was France..

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