My Space

I have a little sewing room that’s off the bedroom; it was one of the main selling features when buying the house. It used to be a separate bedroom up until the late 1970’s when the previous owners (actually two owners ago) cut that bedroom into its present sitting/sewing room and a full bathroom. I can shut off the water to the tub when reaching into the shelves in the sewing room.

The sewing room has two windows facing north and east. Great morning light. Steady natural light throughout the day. It’s toasty in winter and cool in the summer (the AC is in a window closest to an outlet).

Currently the room is very cluttered because I’m working on a project that should be done in the next two weeks. But I will show you my icon wall that’s behind the sewing machine.

My personal icon wall

I suppose they are not “technically” icons but they get me into the right place. Starting on the upper left, clockwise, is Dali’s Christ of St. John. Picked that up from a Saver’s, BTW. Next is Petrus Christus’ The Virgin of the Dry Tree. I LOVE this painting. The red cloak offset by the stark black background, framed by the brown branches. Beautiful. A Christmas present from Hubby. Sigh.

On the bottom are the words “Litany, Martyrs and Canticles.” I got the words, $2 each, from the Round Lake (NY) Antiques Festival. I placed them in a frame already in my possession and used a black t-shirt (soon for the rag pile) as the background. Finally, everyone’s favorite protestant-American image of Jesus. I think I got that from Saver’s, too. It’s in nice shape with a lovely gold frame.

The goal is to fill the wall. I recently spied an image of Theresa of Lisieux and have been thinking the space needs some little flowers.


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