Of Toddlers and Antiques

Last week, Mother-In-Law, Wee One and I attended the Brimfield Antique Show in Massachusetts. Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it but Brimfield is billed as the


I knew we were in for it when there was backup at the Sturbridge rotary, 6 miles away from the fair grounds. Why the backup? Construction!!! Once past that, it was smooth sailing west on Route 20. About three miles past Sturbridge center, we saw the devastation wrought by the tornado that touched down in August. I never expected to see tornado damage in Massachusetts. It was extensive. Closer to the Show, traffic started piling up but we able to find parking for $5 in a Brimfielder’s backyard.

Yup, Brimfield is MASSIVE. Basically the Show is a series of fields each run by a different promoter and dealers rent out space from the promoter. The Show stretches over a mile along both sides of Route 20. Before going, I got a tip from a frequent attendee on which fields to hit, otherwise, there is no way in HADES anyone can do the whole thing in one day, especially with a toddler.

With tip in hand, we walked down to Quaker Acres and started in. Almost instantly, we were regaled by dealers discussing how lousy the week had been with the weather. Rain. Flooding. As the sun was out and it was promising to be a warm day, I wanted them to stop complaining and start offering me deals.

In the end, after 4 hours, I snagged a small bookcase for the Wee One, a chenille bedspread (with some restoration to do on it), a vintage tablecloth for the kitchen, piano stool clawfoots (to use as coat hangers in the mud room, eventually), and other odds and ends that I can’t recollect right now.

Would I go again? Possibly. As the day wore on, it got crowded and I hate crowds. I can deal with them but I prefer fewer people, not more. In some ways antique fairs are better than museums because you can touch items, pick them up and say out loud to yourself, “That’s cool” without a security guard escorting you off the premises.

How did the Wee One do? She was a trooper. I could tell she was tired but there was too much going on for her to nap. Back in the car she dropped like a rock into dreamland. And I have proof:

One sandal on. One sandal off. Brimfield is hard work.



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