To educate and to look good in uniform.

What makes a person wear a 100% wool coat on a humid summer day? What makes a person sleep in a linen tent on a thin bedroll and wake up to a meal of (hopefully) hot coffee and a square of hardtack?

What makes a person do all this?

A few years ago, I attended the reenactment on Lexington Green, Massachusetts. There was a waiting ragged line of Minutemen on the field when the British soldiers arrived…and arrived…and arrived. The reenactment may not have had the exact number of persons to make it historically accurate but they had the ratio showing how outnumbered the colonists were on that fateful morning. I remember the nine and ten-year olds who audibly gasped each time there was another group of arriving British troops.

That’s why reenactors to it. For those nine and ten-years old.

And to shoot a gun.


2 responses to “Dedication

  1. David R. Macomber

    They do it to keep the past alive for future generations and to experience
    what it was like to live back in those times!

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