Me So Crafty V

I’ve got two projects to share with you. Remember the kitchen sink curtains with the crochet edging? I sewed a pair of matching curtains (sans crochet) for the other kitchen windows.

Not bad. Everything looks good from a distance.

I’m going for a 1950’s theme. On the right, starting from the top, is a (broken) tea pot room thermometer I picked up for $2.00. In the middle is a reproduction,  battery-powered clock (there’s no outlet on that wall), and rounding out the bottom, is a vintage Eisenhower/Mamie collectable plate.

The second project stemmed from a visit to the Washington County (NY) Antique Fair. A woman was selling pillows sewn from flour/sugar sacks. They had a hipster quality with NYC hipster  prices. The smallest pillows (5 pound sugar sacks) were going for $25 and the largest (50 pound feed sacks) were over $60. Looking at them, I thought, “I could do this.”

Twenty minutes later I was in a stall selling vintage fabric and flour/feed sacks. The sacks were in decent shape. The smallest (5 pound sugar sacks) were $2 each and the largest (a 50 pound feed sack) was $5. I bought two sugar sacks and the feed sack.

At home, I washed the sacks, sewed the sacks into pillows using cotton thread and filled them with polyfill. The large feed sack I cut into three sections. So for under $20, I got five pillows. Not bad, indeed.

They don't look so lumpy in person. The feed sack I cut into three sections.


I would show the other two pillows, but the computer won't let me upload them. But this image displays the best part of the sack.




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