Even in Upstate New York?

I grew up ten miles from the shore in southeastern Massachusetts. I remember two hurricanes, Gloria and Bob. Gloria knocked out power for a week and Bob knocked over our Catalpa tree in the backyard. I can still see that Catalpa bending over, nearly kissing the ground for a good three hours before the CRACK of the trunk announced its’ final death throttle.

Silly me for thinking that nestled in the hills between the Adirondacks and Green Mountains, far from Long Island Sound, that our humble abode would not be lashed with torrential rains and blustery winds from Irene.

So today, Thursday, I’m going to drive down to the local Hannaford’s to pick up water, batteries and food that doesn’t require refrigeration (just in case). I’ll be one of those earlier Yahoos and not the latter Yahoos emptying the shelves like a chicken with her head cut off.

You knew this would happen…I present to you those crazy boys from Deutschland:


2 responses to “Even in Upstate New York?

  1. I was also an earlier Yahoo. We didn’t need any of the stuff I picked up, but Donald has been eating the granola bars for breakfast, so it looks like those at least won’t go to waste (the ones without nuts he doesn’t like, at least).

    • Our problem, post-storm, what to do with a bath tub worth of water? The thought of just draining it was distasteful. That’s our well water! Hubby was a trooper and walked nine trips, each time holding a bucket full of water, to the area where our well is located and made a libation to the well goddess.

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