That Anne Girl

This summer my goal is to read all eight Anne of Green Gables books. So far I’ve finished the third, “Anne of the Island.” I’ll admit, I watched and loved the Canadian t.v. movies first. Even though the movies TOTALLY mixed things up (if I had read the books first, I’m not sure if I would have enjoyed the movies.), but the screenwriter(s), faithfully translated the spirit of the books.

Each book has some nugget of wisdom. Enjoy this nugget from “Anne of the Island”:

I shall leave here my fancies and dreams to bless the next comer, said Anne, looking around the blue room wistfully – her pretty blue room where she had spent three such happy years. She had knelt at the window to pray and had bent from it to watch the sunset behind the pines. She had heard the autumn raindrops beating against it and had welcomed the spring robins at its sill. She wondered if old dreams could haunt rooms – if, when one left forever the room where she had joyed and suffered and laughed and wept, something of here, intangible and invisible, yet nonetheless real, did not remain behind like a voiceful memory.


3 responses to “That Anne Girl

  1. I’ve read almost all of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books. I like the Anne series, but I think I like the Emily of New Moon books best.

    • After the Anne books, “Emily” is next on the list. Montgomery wrote the Emily books during a much “darker” time in her life, so I’m hoping they will be an interesting read.

  2. The Emily books are definitely darker (and possibly less “wholesome”), but the series still has a happy ending (at least for the main character).

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