When Does It End?

Victor Davis Hanson wrote a brilliant essay about contemporary American redistributive culture, The Metaphysics of Contemporary Theft. He starts off by relating two thefts on his farm and one in his neighborhood. None of the thefts were due to hunger or desperation but to, “Hey, this is an opportunity to make some extra cash.”

 The welfare state has eliminated material poverty and grown the entitlement mentality. This entitlement mentality is not confined to those within the welfare system but has also become part of the larger culture. There was a phrase in the essay that jumped out at me:

a culture of grievance and complaint, all embedded in a contempt for federal law

Hanson was discussing the mindset surrounding the issues of “open borders, unassimilated illegal immigrants, [and] ethnic and tribal chauvinism predicated on racial solidarity.” My husband, who is a federal law enforcement officer, contacts folks who have broken the rules where he works. The biggest complainers are those from the professional class, usually aging Baby Boomers, who do not think the rules apply to them. All this is part of a larger Me, Me, Me attitude fully embedded in American culture and, unfortunately, I don’t think it is going to end.

H/T about the VDH article: Small Dead Animals



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