How Quaint

Salem, NY. Taken June 4, 2011

Only three years ago life seemed so much different. Unemployment in the United States was around 6.2% and Michael Jackson was alive. Ah…good times…good times.

In 2008 I saw stickers plastered to Stop signs but they read, “Bush.” According to those in the “media know,” John McCain was the worse alternative to Obama. (Remember when McCain was the media darling in 2000?)

Truth be told, I voted for McCain but I was really voting for Palin. I recollect those McCain/Palin bumper stickers. You know the ones that read:

 There was a number of times I can recall the “McCain” top deliberately cut off and “Palin”  remained on the car. She energizes conservatives. The media play her as a dumb hick. If she truly was, they would ignore her like they do Huckabee. (Yes, that was a dig at the Arkansas governor.) She is a threat and they recognize it. The liberals I know roll their eyes and talk about the “bridge to nowhere.” (They still crack jokes about Dan Quayle and tomatoes. What’s that…twenty years old now?)

Anyway, I got off topic though I’m not sure I had a topic in mind when I started this piece.

I guess what I mean to say is 2008 seems a mighty long time ago and I like Sarah Palin. And if you disagree with me you are a misogynist homophobe. (Hat tip to Greg Gutfeld.)


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