Overheard in Vermont

In an East Arlington, Vermont antique store I overheard three women talking. All were in their late sixties/early seventies. Being Vermont and all, I assumed these ladies were “back to the earth/hippies/aging baby boomers/ladies who dine at organic bistros.”

The gist of their conversation was a BBQ one of them attended over the Memorial Day weekend. Apparently, the BBQ host committed the ultimate sin:

They served the food on

paper plates and atE With plastic utensils.

The storyteller explained, “You’d think they’d know better.” The ladies who drive Priuses all nodded their silver-haired heads. Another added,” You just have to respect where they’re at and hope they come around.”

Yes, and pray the BBQ host comes around before he is sent to the Mother Earth Loves You Re-Education Camp.

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