Is It March Already?

Yup, still no excuses on the no blogging thing. Well, perhaps, a small excuse…

The new header photo depicts a tiny spot on God’s green earth that is a hop, skip and a jump from our new permanent abode. The family is nestled in a small hamlet near the Vermont border on the Empire State side.

Our hamlet has more going for it than most other upstate NY hamlets. It still retains it’s post office, a baptist church and a convenience store that isn’t a Stewart’s. If you’re thinking “Lark Rise to Candleford,” I could see the similarities to our hamlet 80 years ago when a mill, two stores, a one room schoolhouse and a casino (actually a dance hall) maintained a higher population.

It’s a great place, full of stories (similar to Candleford, the Post Mistriss knows EVERYTHING) and natural beauty.

Schoolhouse, upstate NY

Country Road, Black and White


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