Wipe Out

Now that I’ve gotten my blog mojo running, wouldn’t you know…my computer crashed! Actually it runs but there’s a bug in the browser (I think). So, I may be out of commision for awhile. (Big thanks to the in-laws for this internet access missive.)

On Tuesday night I won’t be able to go online but I’ll watch FOX NEWS (I hear much grinding and nashing of teeth), break open a bottle of Irish Cream and cheer as the returns roll in. I’ll miss what my lib friends will write on Facebook. They’ll probably blame the majority of voters for not UNDERSTANDING something or other.

I’m writing this the night before the mid-term election. On Wednesday morning I hope Barney Frank begins his private sector job search (Good Luck, pal!), Maine discovers the color red isn’t so bad, Deval Patrick returns to his manse in Richmond as just another citizen and Chris Gibson sleeps in late as our new Congressman from NY-20.

 It will be a good night.


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