Percolating and Perambulating

We have been living in temporary digs since June. There are upsides and downsides to the situation.The downsides: our belongings are in storage so we are surrounded by items not our own. If I’m stuck in the house for more than a day (because of weather or illness), I MUST get out. I don’t have my books to read or furniture to rearrange. The rental has a fully stocked kitchen except for a coffee machine. Instant coffee makes me very sad.

Our rental is surrounded closely by neighboring homes. Two weeks ago, I was sitting in the living room and noticed a shadow form from the window behind my head. I turned to see a woman looking down at me. Okayyyyy…… I closed the shade.

We park our car in the motel parking lot next to the rental and sometimes potential lodgers catch me as I’m getting out of my Matrix and ask me questions even though I’ve told them I don’t work for the motel.

“How much are the rooms?”

“Do the rooms have cable?”

“Will I get a deal if I stay for a week?”

What part of “I don’t work here” do you not understand?

The upside: what makes it all tolerable is the incredible niceness of our landlords and the very lovely walking path along the Old Champlain Canal that is a short stroll away.

Old Champlain Canal, NY October 2010


Old Champlain Canal, NY October 2010

Old Champlain Canal Lock, near modern Lock 5, NY


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