October Catch Up

For my lack of blogging, I apologize to the three people who visit this site. I have no excuse except laziness. I’ll see something and think, “I need to write about that.” By the time I get home, I’m caught up in something else. (For example, last week, Hubby and I were driving through Great Barrington, MA and saw an aging baby boomer/hippie thumbing for a ride. He was decked out in North Face and  holding a Trader Joe’s bag. I’m sorry, but that BEGS for a blog or something.)

Life in New York State has been settling into a rhythm. Hubby and I are living just east of Saratoga Springs and the foliage has been lovely. Driving around, I can see the Adirondacks AND the Green Mountains covered in red and gold. (Currently, we’re being slammed by a Nor’easter and there may be white on those mountain tops come morning.)

We are in temporary quarters but that may change in another month. (I’ll write more about that when it becomes reality!) The header picture of “Frankly Speaking” is located next door. I don’t eat hot dogs but Hubby tells me they are the bomb. The owner is also our landlord, but I’m sure there’s no bias in Hubby’s food review.

I haven’t made any new friends since the move. All summer we weren’t sure if we would be in this village or that town. I have been attending a Catholic church and parishioners are small-town-friendly but I haven’t wanted to get involved because of the “where will we permanently settle” atmosphere.

But don’t cry for me. It all washes out in the end. Until my next blog, here some pics from my local wanderings:

Reenactor Detail, Saratoga NHP, Sept. 2010

General Grant's Funeral Flowers. Very creepy. Wilton, NY.


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  1. Make that 4 people who read your blog.

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