Off and On

New York or Bust

Since 2001 I have moved 4 times. I hate it. The packing. The throwing out. The cleaning. In two days we’re out of Leominster and this time a MOVING COMPANY is doing the packing and motoring. Wow! It’s weird to sit in my living room knowing that I’m outta here soon, yet nothing is packed. Strange.

Most of the food is gone and the household chemicals that we’re not taking are at the in-laws. We’ve picked the clothes and items that we will  keep with us. The phone calls to cancel the phone/internet/electricty will be made today. Already the mail is forwarded to our P.O. Box in New York.

We haven’t bought a place in NY. We’re renting a furnished loft near Hubby’s job that gives us the breathing room to shop around. It’s easy to buy a house. It’s more difficult to find a home.

Not that I’ve been a tireless blogger but my posts will be a bit sparse in the next few months. Luckily I know where the free wifi is located and hope to post our continuing adventures.


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