A Tale of Two Cultures

I apologize for the silence since Easter. I’ve been in New York exploring our future area of residence. No, we haven’t sold our place. Hubby is house sitting for a coworker, so it seemed like a good time to visit with Charlotte. I’ve been told that folks from neighboring Saratoga Springs are moving out, attracted to the low housing prices in the areas Hubby and I are looking at. The coworker’s house is in one of the towns where we are looking at property. The town is a weird mix of “low rent” culture and yuppie culture.

During an afternoon stroll down Main Street, I passed a cigar bar, a Mom & Pop thrift store, a very nice used bookstore (which would not be out of place in Portsmouth, NH), a “local” breakfast place and a closed bistro. But the kicker for me was the guy riding his clunker bike down the sidewalk. He yelled hello to his buddy walking on the other side of the street. As he biked past me, he said out loud to himself,

He loves this town. I can’t stand this f**king town. 

That pretty much sums up the place.


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