The Vote

I used to work for the federal government. I saw budget money wasted at the end of the fiscal year because, “we have to spend it or we won’t get it next year.”

I worked alongside employees who should have been fired but, as the joke goes, it takes an act of Congress to do it. Did you hear the one about the federal employee who was demoted because he downloaded porn onto his work computer and five years later he was promoted to chief? That really happened, folks. Or did you hear about the federal employee who stole money from a donation box on the job and the powers that be moved him to a different location to “keep a better eye on him.” That’ll teach him!

Does healthcare costs and coverage need reform? Absolutely. Is government the answer? Not every problem needs a political solution. From my personal experience, this isn’t going to be pretty.

I've got a big, fat Obamacare headache that won't go away.


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