Did He Say What He Just Said?

Hubby accepted a new job in the Saratoga Springs, NY area and you know what that means…looking for a house in NY (the property taxes are ridiculous, BTW) and selling our condo. The stress of the whole process is selling our place. We know we’re not going to get what Hubby put into it but we hope to make enough for a decent down payment on a house.

To that end, our realtor hooked us up with a “Staging” professional (at no cost to us), a person who goes over your home and tells you how to best showcase the property, because now it’s a “product” and not your home.

Yesterday the “professional” came over. He was nice and could have his own show on the Bravo Channel. He starts out by saying, “This is going to be painful…oh, sorry…painless.” He advises that we take down all personal photographs, even the ones of our great grandparents (really?).

Then he spies something that is “weird.” “That is weird….you don’t want to be known as the smelly cat piss house or the weird religious house.” What set him off on his rant?

This is "weird."

Are you kidding me? As he went through the house he said we had to take down the crucifix in our bedroom and then he went into Charlotte’s room. Take a look at the photo and pick which of the three items on the wall needs to be hidden:

Which is most offensive?

We have an old lithograph of Andrew Jackson on the left and Henry Clay on the right. I bought them years ago because they were neat and because of their Americana value. Are these two slaveholders offensive? Nope. It was that “weird” crucifix in the middle that needed to be taken down.

I can understand the need to declutter the place but categorizing religious items with “smelly cat piss” is offensive to me but I don’t suppose religious people count.

We won’t be taking down the weird stuff.


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