I’m slowly getting into an exercise routine, post partum. I’ve returned to St. Cecilia’s walking the perimeter. The first time I did it last week, I went very slowly. (Another thing you don’t hear much about is the hemorrhoid problem, post delivery. Very uncomfortable.) I’m gearing up to start jogging next week. Slowly…

"and I miss her everyday."

Yesterday during my perambulations I saw one of the regulars. Usually I see the same folks walking but this retired regular visits  his wife’s grave. He shovels the show around the headstone in winter and plants flowers in the spring. (I wrote about him in 2008.) I’ve always nodded and said hello to him but this time he wanted to talk.

He held a shovel with a mix of snow and dog poop. As I walked by he started railing against dog walkers (which are verbotten in St. Cecilia’s.)

“It wouldn’t be so bad if they picked up but when they don’t it shows disrespect.”

From that topic, he talked about his wife who passed six years ago, “and I miss her everyday.”

The rest of the conversation was about his wife and family. He just wanted to talk and I was a willing listener.


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