Hubby and I were up late watching the returns on NECN. When 70% of the precincts reported Scott Brown up at 5%, we broke open the Emmets Irish Cream and toasted to an exciting campaign. Go, Scott, Go!

The mood on MSNBC about a Republican Senator from Mass.


3 responses to “WOW!!!

  1. Brown won Lowell, despite Coakley showing up over the weekend and all the usually Catholic Democrats cheering her on.

  2. Most of us still believe in what the Democratic party was… we’re just sick of what has happened to the party while the local Dem leadership ignore people.

    “There are times people in elective office have to take tough votes, but when they stray too far from the will of the majority, they pay a price.
    A friend of mine who is a lifelong Democrat — but confessed he voted for Brown — feels his party has left him. He says the party has lost focus and divided itself into two camps, neither of which he feels represents him any longer. The first group, he feels, are ultra-liberals who “know what’s good for us — whether we like it or not” — and the second is people who stayed too long and are only interested in taking care of their friends with jobs or contracts.
    If my cynical friend is right, the only way to fix the problem is more good people need to run for office and more of us need to vote. “

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