Counting Down

I’ve haven’t written about my pregnancy because I’m not one of those chicks to talk endlessly about such matters. It’s been a rather mundane experience. Back in May I had about three weeks of fatigue with a bit of a quesy stomach and that was it. This last month has me missing a good night sleep…just can’t get comfortable. Overall I am an active person (jogging, biking) but I haven’t been able to muster enough energy these last few weeks to manage anything exercise-able. Last week I pulled a groin muscle doing some activities. Not a good thing.

Instead I’ve been keeping busy doing some crochet and stitching a cross stitch sampler for the baby while waiting for Dec. 30, the due date, though it can happen at any time. Hubby keeps hoping that the nesting instinct kicks in but that ain’t happening. I think I’ve been pouring that instinct into crafty stuff. Check out the afghan throw I just finished:

Looks good from a distance.

Heck, it looks good close up, too.

Is it unmotherly to write that I want this all to be over? The main feeling is I just want my body back. I suppose that itsn’t too unusual. This has nothing to do with NOT wanting to be a mother and welcoming a new life into the world. To put a philosophical spin on the experience, pregnancy prepares a woman for the unselfish act of mothering. One gives her body over to another for nine months as the initial step toward a lifetime.

I’m up for it.


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