Crochet Book Treasures

A few days ago I was visiting my folks down in Dartmouth, MA. Mom had discovered a stash of old crochet books at the New Bedford Savers store, so she motored me over and I happily flipped through dozens of knitting and crochet books. Some were quite old and, quite simply, fascinating. The crochet instructions from the older books are like reading 17th century English. I have to re-read the instructions to make some sort of sense of them. (And do the hook sizes correspond to modern hook sizes?) I’d love to try a few of the projects just to see if I can. Know what I mean?

I’ll scan the covers and publish them here. Here’s the first one:

Fifth Avenue Fashions

The Spool Cotton Company, 1935

Typical inside photo:

Crochet Fashion0001

"Nautical pennants signal a coming fashion"


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