Pomarium Visitavo

Delectable Cortlands

Delectable Cortlands

Impressed with my expanding Latin vocabulary? Honestly, I had to look up the imperfect past tense of visitare. But I think it correctly reads, I visited an orchard. Cicero would be proud…

It’s the veritas…Hubby and I went to Sholan Farms in Leominster, MA. Believe it or not, the Plastics City isn’t all concrete jungle. The area alongside Sterling is lovely and that’s where the orchard is located. Going on a Friday morning is the right time…not too many folks.

This was only my second time apple picking. You would think being a native New Englander I would have done it since my wee childhood. But, alas, that’s not the case. (I don’t like lobster, either. I’m THIS close to surrendering my New England citizenship.)

We picked a peck of Cortlands, McIntoshes and Golden Delicious. I have visions of apple crisps and squash/apple soups coming out of my galley kitchen. Ask me in two weeks how sick I am of apples. 🙂

In the meantime, check out my Flickr site to view apples in their native environment.


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