Dog Days

The northeast is suffering through a heat wave. These days have totally destroyed my garden, my first and hopefully not my last garden. 😦 I have not stepped outside for the last four or five days except for necessary travel.

On Monday I did drive down to Worcester to see Julie and Julia in refreshing AC. Except for a few unnecessary scenes bashing conservatives/Republicans (totally unneeded for the storyline though I’m sure the scenes played well among director Nora Ephron’s Upper West Side neighbors), it was a lovely movie. The happy marriage between the Childs was a joy to behold and reminded me how much I love my husband. (Mushy, I know.) I also felt an overwhelming need to buy lots of antique pots and pans for my kitchen. They looked great in Julia’s Parisian kitchen.

Anyway, I hoping for a great thunder storm to break the heat. Is that too much to ask?


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