Me So Crafty

To pass the time as a kept woman of leisure, I’ve been learning the ancient arts of womanhood. I’ve written before about my foray into crochet. I’ve learned the main stitches and have stitched my first circle and granny square. I’m ready for my first project. It’s either going to be a beenie or a potholder. Decisions…Decisions…

In July I visited one of my fave antique stores, Hobart Village Antique Mall, located in Townsend, MA. The place also has a reproduction furniture section. I suppose you could call the style “primitive” which is like yuppie-level country kitsch. (I’ll confess that I do like “primitive” type furniture, except for the really, obviously distressed furniture made last year but looks like it’s been abused for the last 300 years.)

Anyhow, I noticed these really neat runners made from small circles stitched together. The large runners went for around $25 and I thought, “I could do this.” I found out later that these are called penny rugs (more info here). I didn’t buy a kit or any sort of pattern. I just looked at pictures online and figured it out myself. Take a look at the finished product:

Cutting out the circles was a pain.

Cutting out the circles was a pain.

I bought swatches of brown, red and grey felt and yellow/gold embroidery thread (DMC #744).





Blanket and Whip stitches were used.

Blanket and Whip stitches were used.

The brown circles were made from the rim of a scotch drinking glass. The red circles were from a basil spice bottle and the grey from one of my pill bottles.

The stitches on the grey and red circles are blanket stitches and the brown has a whip stitch. I connected the circles in a stitch that has no name. It’s called “whatever works.” It ain’t pretty so that’s why I have no pictures of the back. 🙂



This may not be professional looking but I’m proud of it. Thank goodness for the term “primitive” for this type of project!

My Primitive Penny Rug

My Primitive Penny Rug


4 responses to “Me So Crafty

  1. very nice, impressed with the patience required. you should revive that old sewing machine you used as a microwave cart and do some off-the-grid sewing projects.

  2. Years ago Mother gave me a nice modern sewing machine that I have yet to use. Though the thought of rejuvinating the old Singer is intriguing.

  3. the good thing about that old machine is you can still buy the needles anywhere, even wal mart. the one drawback is it doesnt sew in reverse which does come in handy. all the other fancy stitches you dont need. could be fun for making a small crazy quilt, or throws for the winter. even simple stuff like placemats, etc.

  4. Never heard of a penny rug. You did a great job!
    Maybe I’ll see it this week!

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