Something Fierce

My mother has an aunt, though she’s not really an aunt. She is related but not in an “aunt” sort of way. Know what I mean? This “aunt” is 101 years old and since the “aunt” hit 95, my mother has attended the “aunt’s” birthday parties which are held at her church and usually there’s a barbershop quartet.

All that is besides the point. (I just think it’s neat that a barbershop quartet performs at the parties.) Anyway, I once asked my mom if the “aunt” was ever married.

“Oh sure…twice.”

“Does she have kids?”

“No. She once told me that she would never be any ‘man’s incubator’.”

I thought, “Is she fiercely independent or fiercely self-centered?” What do you think?


One response to “Something Fierce

  1. Maybe a little of both…

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