Deluge & Stitches

How it feels most days.

How it feels most days.

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here in Massachusetts the month of June has brought nothing but rain. Most days have been overcast with at least part of it washed by water droplets. It’s been so damp that mushrooms are taking over the lawn outside of the patio area.

I suppose I could bear it better if there was a good thunderstorm every afternoon. Everyday there’s a “chance” of a storm. I’ll see dark clouds bunch up to the west and then…nothing. Grrr….

Because of the indoor-ness of the weather, I’ve taken up crochet. I stink at knitting since I’m very uncoordinated using two sticks but one hook…I can deal with that. So far I’m just learning the stitches which is creating irregular, rectangular pieces of yarn. I’m scared of the whole “gauge” thing. (I have to make how many stitches within an inch?) I’m learning this domestic skill by reading The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller and when I need to see a moving visual, I surf over to YouTube where there are plenty of crochet videos to watch.

Can’t wait to make my first irregular pot holder.


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