What’s Up?

Sorry for the silence. I’ve had nothing pithy to write. Sometimes one must go through the desert to arrive at the oasis. Not that I’ve been doing nothing…

Last week Hubby and I explored the border towns along the MA/NH  line. Whenever I drive through these little villages I wonder what people do for work. For example, we drove through Temple, NH, a blink-and-miss sort of place and smack dab in the middle of the place was a restaurant/B&B. Who eats there? Retired yuppies? Townies (such as there might be)? Later that night, I went online and found that the restaurant/B&B is on the market for $750,000. What a steal. (From what I can figure out, the place is owned by two Brits and their visas are being held up in red tape. Damn the Obama Administration….oops….Damn Bush!)

We also drove through Mason, NH and drove right by the birthplace of Uncle Sam. Yes…THAT Uncle Sam.

See my birthplace in Mason, NH!

See my birthplace in Mason, NH!

And the house next to Uncle Sam’s can be yours for $750,000. (What’s up with that price?)

We ended our exploration on one of our favorite places in NH, Harrisville, a small mill town in the middle of nowhere. Brick houses for bygone factory workers are well maintained by an influx of yuppies. (I still scratch my head. What do they do for work?) I guess yuppie because the local country store sells soy milk and various organic foods. There’s nothing to do in Harrisville except walk around the mill buildings and explore the cemetery by the lake. You, too, can live in Harrisvillle if you can shell out $437, 500.

Typical Harrisville Tableau

Typical Harrisville Tableau

More Harrisville pics are available at my Flickr site. The one lesson I learned while riding around the rural border towns is that homes in the middle of nowhere come with a steep price.


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