Cranky Thoughts on a First Communion

commimageRecently I attended the First Communion of Hubby’s cousin (Hubby is 34. His cousin is 8.) in Methuen, MA. When seventy kids participate, imagine the numbers of parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles packed into a church. STEAMY! Being in a steamy church on a humid day made me slightly cranky. So allow me to share my cranky thoughts of the day.

1. The boys were all dressed up in jackets and ties. It was very nice to see but it will probably be the only time they will be dressed like that at a Mass that isn’t a wedding or funeral. Tomorrow at Mass it will be shorts, Red Sox t-shirts and flip-flops. (See…I told you I was cranky!)

Cranky Girl

Cranky Girl

2. Except for one or two, the girls were dressed in white vails, heels and gloves. I understand the whole “Bride of Christ” idea but even at the age of 8, the girls are realizing they (or rather their parents) will pay for dresses they’ll only wear once. Get used to it, girls!

3. I could have done without the music. It was one guy and a piano. He did have a nice voice but it drowned out the congregation. (The singer reminded me of Carman. Remember him? He was a melodramatic protestant Christian singer popular in the 90’s. According to his web site, he “changed the face of Christian music and evolved contemporary music evangelism into what it is today.” So sorry!) It seemed the church vocalist was more interested in his own voice rather than ours, so I obliged. I didn’t sing.

One of the songs I didn’t sing was “Taste and See.” When I left behind evangelical protestantism, I thought I left behind insipid songs like “Shine, Jesus, Shine.” But I suppose every religious tradition has their own banal lyrics:

Taste and see the goodness of the Lord,
the goodness of the Lord.
Taste and see the goodness of the Lord,
the goodness of the Lord.

1. I will bless the Lord at all times.
Praise will be on my lips.
My soul will glory in the Lord.
The poor will hear and be glad.

2. I sought the Lord who answered me,
delivered me from my fear.
Look to God that you might shine
with the radiance of God’s joy.

3. The Lord has eyes for justice,
ears to hear your cry.
God knows your broken heart.
The Lord redeems a loyal servant.
Take refuge in your God.

“I” “Your” “My” “You” It isn’t about ME!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!

4. O.K., here’s my last cranky thought: The first reading was from the Acts of the Apostles 13: 44-52. It’s about Paul and Barnabas preaching that the Word is for Jews and Gentiles. The lector, who is a catachist, BTW, pronounced Gentiles as “Gentles.” (She said it THREE TIMES) and this one made me laugh…she pronounced Barnabas as “BARBADOS.” Practice, Lady!

Crank mode: Off.


One response to “Cranky Thoughts on a First Communion

  1. Crank on, sister!! All the way to Barbados!!

    I’m with you:
    1. If nobody else feels the need to get out of weekend-ware for one stinkin’ hour a week, why should the kids, right?
    2. I’ll leave that for the women-folk to address. It’s never usually appreciated when a guy complains about this sort of thing, since we’ll wear a tie with our only button-up shirt, which may be plaid. It’s all about utility.
    3. I’ve taken to calling this phenomenon Hymnphobia. Music Director: “Oh, nobody want’s to hear all those dusty old songs I hated as a kid.” Nobody, huh? Projection, maybe? Why don’t we try praising God instead of talking endlessly about how God makes us feel.

    Okay, I’m blogging about this last one.

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