Hold the Nannyism

Today I read this in Hannaford Supermarket’s Organic & Natural (free) magazine:

The driving force behind to ban trans fats, WalterWillett, MD, chairman of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, had turned his attention to another dietary concern. He wants the government to force manufacturers of packaged  and processed foods to reduce the amount of salt they use, and he’s sending his recommendations to President Obama along with a suggestion to impose a hefty tax on soda and candy. “An unregulated market is doing to human health what it has done to the U.S. economy,” warned Sr. Willett in the Boston Globe.

Should the government tell us how to eat? IS that the function of government? My Mom taught me how to eat. I don’t need a centralized government punishing me if I want to eat a Snickers. What else is the government telling me what I can or can not eat? Do? Speak? Think?


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