Of Stereoscopes and Stuff

I spent the last two days with the folks in Dartmouth, MA. Of course, it was scorching hot and my allergies kicked in. (I LOVE walking around with my nose running and my eyes so itchy, I want to gouge them out.) One of my favorite things to do with the folks is to visit antique stores. There are some cool places to shop where the prices are very reasonable. New Bedford Antiques at the Cove is a very large multidealer showroom and I always find a deal there. On this last visit, my Mom made out big.

If you wonder why I like taking cemetery pictures, blame my mother. The first section in the newspaper my Mom checks out is the obituaries. She visits burial grounds on a weekly basis. You get the picture…

At NB Antiques, she finagled a lower price with the dealer on this antique and won:

Don't even THINK of parking here!

Don't even THINK of parking here!

A month ago, she swooped on another antique which is just the coolest thing. She bought a tabletop cabinet stereoscope:

Want to come up and see my stereocards?

Want to come up and see my stereocards?

I always see the hand-held models (check out the one sitting in front of the cabinet) and I own one myself, but I’ve never seen the tabletop model. I can only guess that they were meant for wealthy homes.

The cabinet holds up to 50 stereocards that are held on a cylinder. Turning the knob (that you see on the right of the cabinet) flips the cards. The cabinet top opens (as you see) to let in more light and to insert the cards on the cylinder. The whole thing is too cool for school. Go Mom!

Looking thru the viewer.

Looking thru the viewer.


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