Tea Party

I attended my first political protest! Yes…I was one of those right-wing nuts who took part in a tea party. This one was in Worcester, MA. I wasn’t sure how many would show up. Would I be one of five waving our little signs outside the Auditorium? About a block away I heard amplified voices and when I arrived at Lincoln Square a strong crowd had gathered.


I took a spot along the street and held my sign which read, “I’m the angry tax-paying citizen Homeland Security warned you about.” There were a line-up of speakers but I just wanted to hang out by the street and watch the reactions of the drivers.


Many cars honked in agreement with the 1,500 protesters of all ages. Bus drivers. Ambulance drivers. Worcester policemen. Small business owners driving their courier vans and pick-up trucks. The 18 wheelers making all feel like kids when they pulled the whistle.

There were a few drivers exercising their first amendment rights.

  • A woman who yelled out, “Why do you hate black people so much?” (She missed the African American dude standing not too far from me.) Classic ruse to shut down any argument – you are racist.
  • A college-aged man who screamed, “F**k You! F**k You!” as he drove past the crowd. Unfortunately he had the green light so he couldn’t stop and defend his position.
  • A young woman gave the finger. Or was she picking her nose? Again, too bad she had the green light.

Overall, there was way more support from passerbys than not. Around 6 pm the tea party was wrapping up and it was getting chilly. I clapped the sign under my arm and walked back to the Matrix. Not bad for my first protest. I’d do it again.


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