Happy April’s Fools Day!!!

I have no tricks for you. Promise!

Wasn’t yesterday such a gorgeous day? Hubby and I swept our suburban oasis and dumped the stray leaves into the swamp land next door to the condo. Not only are we planning many grillicous meals in the coming weeks but I’m hoping to grow some basil and thyme in a planter box that Hubby will attach to the patio wall. Whoo!!!

After all that sweeping and planning, we sat back and enjoyed a bottle of Madeira; our first bottle of the season. And it all went right to my head. Whoo!!!

To balance out the mellow, we got Chinese take-out from Chopsticks, our local asian eatery. Hubby gets General Gao’s chicken and veggie lo-mein and I must have crab rangoon (no cream cheese…no cream cheese…I tell myself over and over…) and bean curd, homestyle, no meat. Whoo!!

The delightful day ended with a Bruins victory over Tampa Bay. Whoo!!

In two days I’ll be motoring to Maine to celebrate Augusta Bro’s B-Day. Whoo!!

And that ain’t no April’s Fool joke.


2 responses to “Happy April’s Fools Day!!!

  1. Are you folks going to be around this weekend?

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