The Living

Some people scratch their heads when they hear I jog in a cemetery.




Honestly, I have more stories about the living who roam St. Cecilia’s than I do about those resting peacefully.

Case in point:

Earlier today I took my morning constitutional and was enjoying having the whole place to myself. Then I noticed a car crawling slowly around the outer loop. That didn’t catch my attention since most cars move slowly among the gravestones as the drivers search for a loved one, childhood friend or work colleague. What caught my eye was the driver side door was open while it was in motion.

Since we were in a intersecting projectory, my curiosity was soon satisfied. A woman in her late 50’s was WALKING HER FREAKIN’ TOY POODLE. She had one hand was on the steering wheel and the other hand holding the leash.

I thought that perhaps she was handicapped. But I noticed no handicap plates or signs. Then I remembered…

There’s a $125 fine for walking dogs in St. Cecilia’s.

Sometimes I prefer the Dead to the Living.


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