Hey Jamie!

Tis Himself

Tis Himself

Did you know that it’s James Madison’s birthday today? Born on this day in 1751, our not-really beloved 4th president did some cool things during his lifetime:

  • Talked a lot throughout the Constitutional Convention which led to…
  • Drafting something called the Constitution which eventually led to…
  • Serving as Secretary of State under Jefferson which in turn led to…
  • Becoming the President of these United States.
  • Phew!

During said presidential term, poor James navigated the foundling country through the War of 1812. That didn’t work out so well because the British basically kicked Yankee butt all over the place and some folks wanted to secede from the Union. What a bunch of whiners.

Look at me. I saved a painting.

Look at me. I saved a painting.

Living in a post-masculine, feminist era, James gets nothing but scattered applause. On the other hand, his wife Dolly gets a standing “O”. For what? Saving some paintings from the White House. (Granted, she wouldn’t have needed to do that if her husband wasn’t ruling a wimp nation allowing the Brits to burn Washington D.C. But did she get all Molly Pitcher-ish and stand up to said Brits? Nope. She ran. Just like her husband. SO, THERE!) 

Today, if you’re lost in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, head over to Jamie’s home where there will be a wreath laying cememony. What? No cake? Even Benjamin Harrison got cake on his birthday. No respect, I’m telling ya.


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