What a Morning

This morning I woke up excited about the day. The plans were to feed the cats, go to Mass, do a little grocery shopping, eat breakfast, jog at St. Cecilia’s, and, finally, motor over to Somerville to meet some friends for lunch.

Well, I got the “feed the cats” thing done…

All dressed up for church, I started my sporty Matrix and got out to scrape the ice off the windshield. I did something I never do. I closed the door (to keep the heat in, of course). I scraped the ice, lifted the door handle…





It’s 7:15 am on a Sunday morning. Hubby is working in Boston. My cell phone and car keys are in my bag on the passenger seat. Just an inch of glass separate me from any means of getting out of the predicament.

Realizing that repeatedly lifting the handle for five minutes will not magically unlock the door. I calm down and pray, “Jesus, I trust in You” over and over hoping THAT would magically unlock the door. Nope. But it did get me to calm down and not think about the fact that the car is running, the heat is blowing at full blast and the head lights are illuminating the condo.

Now it’s around 7:25 am and it’s still Sunday. Who the heck would be up? With my red scraper in hand and a worried look on my face, I walked over to a neighboring condo unit and rang the door bell.

No answer.


No answer.

I walk over to another unit. Ring the door bell.

No answer.


No answer.

Still praying under my breath, I walked around the corner. The whole complex is dead quiet. (No one goes to church anymore?) Then I saw a car with exhaust coming from its tailpipe. The condo unit number is clearly marked on the parking space! With scraper in hand, I rang the unit doorbell. A friendly face opened the door.

“I live in 62J and unlike yourself, I’ve locked myself out of my car and everything is in there. May I PLEASE use your phone?”

“Sure you can.”

This neighbor who I’ve never met let me call AAA and insisted I wait in her place until the truck arrived. She was kindness itself. She was up to do groceries and was in no hurry.

30 minutes later, the truck arrived and in 5 seconds flat had the door open. My neighbor and I exchanged phone numbers and said our good byes.

I hit Mass, got the groceries and ate breakfast. I’ll leave the jogging until later but I’ll be able to see my buds in Somerville.

You know…the prayer worked. I’ve had a devotion to the Divine Mercy and the “Jesus, I trust in You” prayer is all wrapped up in that devotion. I suppose others would write off the neighbor-being-home as luck but in all things we have to rely on God and not on ourselves.

Good lesson in that.

Update: In case you’re wondering: I had a fab time with my pals in Somerville and I got my jog wearing short sleeves for the first time this year.


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