I’ve been rather silent of late, so here’s an update of the past week.

1. Last Saturday Hubby and I snowshoed (or is it showshoe’ed?) Mount Grace in Warwick, MA. I thought there were only two Warwicks in the entire globe. The first in England, home of the eponymous castle and lots of Tudor style homes, and the other in the “biggest little state in the union,” Rhode Island, home of Ghost Hunters and the Station nightclub fire. Wait…there’s another Warwick and it’s in the Bay State, home of the Warwick Speed Survey (Apparently, folks are driving too fast through this rural burg).

Mt. Monadnock from Mt. Grace

Mt. Monadnock from Mt. Grace

And it is rural. Lots of trees…and of course, Mount Grace, 1,621 feet of earth plopped right near the New Hampshire border in central Ma. It was a great hike, despite the snowmobilers (who all averaged about age 59, BTW) who passed us when we hit the fire road to the summit. The summit is tree-filled, but fortunately some delinquents pulled down part of the chain-link fence surrounding a fire tower. The tower offered SPECTACULAR views of Mt. Monadnock, Mt. Wachusett, and (we think) Mt. Greylock. Check out my Flickr site for the pics.

2. I attemped to do the Lenten fast thing on Friday. It was miserable. I ate a bagel with one cup of decaf tea for breakfast. I nibbled on a handful of Wheat Thins at noon and I collapsed at 5 pm with left over Black Bean and Banana Empanadas with Spanish rice for dinner. Grrrrrrr…..

3. rotorooterAlso on Friday, I called Roto Rooter to deal with a backed-up toilet on the first floor. I had visions of Jason and Grant coming to my door. (Ghost Hunters at night; Roto Rooter plumbers by day). Instead I got a very nice Nigerian plumber whose accent was so thick, I could only understand every three words. In the end, the clog was not in our condo but outside SOMEWHERE. I called the Condo Association, who got some dudes to clear the clog which was WAY outside of our humble condo home. Which means…we don’t have to pay for Roto Rooter. The Condo Association will reimburse us for the work…all $449.00 of it. Phew!!!

4. Hubby and I started to do our taxes and found out we OWE the Federal Government some major ka-ching! Is this the marriage penalty or what? This is the first time we (and as singletons) owe the Feds anything. This is Bull cr*p.

5. I’ve been keeping MUM on the ongoing political news since the ONE has been sworn in. I can’t say I’m surprised by it all. It makes me THAT MUCH SLOWER to find a job. I don’t really want to give any more hard earned cash to the government as is really necessary. Today, I bought a bumper sticker to place on my car:


The red will go nicely with my sporty Matrix…


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