For the past week, the flags in Leominster have been at half-mast for Pfc. Jonathan Roberge. This local boy was killed in Iraq on February 9. Watching an interview on NECN, I’ll never forget a younger brother of Jonathan, who looked all of 10, crying, wishing his brother was back. It broke my heart.

Attended by Governor Patrick, the funeral was held yesterday at St. Cecilia’s and Jonathan was buried at my cemetery. No jogging that day. I drove by to see two fire trucks flanking the street beside the cemetery, with a large American flag hanging between their extended ladders.

Today I was jogging in St. Cecilia’s and saw the flower covered gravesite. It was the most colorful spot in a day that was gray and cold. During my 35 minute jog, I noticed a steady stream of cars make their way to the gravesite.

Leominster was paying its respects to one of their own who gave the greatest sacrifice.


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