Been Busy

I have a really good excuse for my absence. Hubby and I got new flooring in the living room! (You know you’re an old, married person when you get excited over flooring. SHEESH!) But we are very excited. We went with a local, non-big box store, company who were very eager for our money…er…business.


Rustic Cherry

We picked out a Shaw laminate called Rustic Cherry. We thought the color matched the woodwork in the room. Plus, we liked the wide-board, old-timey look, which, I suppose, you would call rustic. (Shaw got the name right.)

On Sunday, Hubby and I moved the living room furniture into the dining room and we ripped up the nasty, brown carpet that we think has been in the condo since the Reagan Administration when the place was built. When I say nasty, I mean nasty. The concrete floor was better than the stuff we ripped up. Though dust flew into our nostrils and we wore latex gloves to prevent skin contamination, there is something very cathartic about pulling out carpet nails and throwing out 23 year old fabric.

On Monday morning, the flooring company sent the dynamic duo to install the flooring. If you have experienced contractors, you know that there would be problems. We had to have them come back on Wednesday to fix a few things. For example, “Hon, should the floor move when you walk across it?” You know, a few minor things.

Anyhoo, as of Wednesday evening Hubby and I are sitting in our living room, admiring our new Rustic Cherry floor. I feel very adult.

I took before and after photos. The “before” doesn’t reflect the nastiness but I like the “after” because I put up my new Target curtains that were on clearance. Enjoy!






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