Young Hubby

Mother-In-Law smuggled another picture of Hubby to me and I was able to scan it before he confiscated the damaging evidence of his, YES, mullet. Behold:

Hubby with Mullet.

Hubby with Mullet.

While gazing upon this flash from the past, the picture reminded me of someone else…
Uncle Rico!!!

Uncle Rico!!!


2 responses to “Young Hubby

  1. Speaking as a formerly be-mulletted youth, I’m sure that EVERY MEMBER of your readership would enjoy seeing a picture or two of the author herself at the height (literally, perhaps?) of teenage coiffure.

    Can I get an Amen?

    Posting pics of your dearest, against his will, in the midst of youthful dementia, is cruel. But then drawing comparisons to Uncle Rico?!?! Well, now you’ve crossed a line, missy…

  2. I hope Tim is talking to us! ! I”m so bad!! I happen to love that Pic. Tim ,your a good sport!!! Happy Valentines Day to you both

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