Eight Signs

Looking for a new Catholic parish? Eight signs you should not join a particular parish:

I didn't see any clowns...in make-up.

I didn't see any clowns...in make-up.

1. There are banners hanging from both sides of the crucifix depicting a dive-bombing dove, complete with branch in beak, against a fake, stained-glass background.

2. The holy water founts are nearly empty and the iron stains (from the water) along the sides of the fount have not been cleaned.

3. The Priest replaces the word “disciple” with “friend” throughout the entire liturgy.

4. The Priest skips the word “men” when reciting the line from the Nicene Creed, “Who for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven.”

5. The ENTIRE congregation join hands during the Our Father, including the Priest, who held the hands of the altar servers and the extraordinary eucharistic ministers.

6. The music brings attention to the musicians, not to God. (The song “Taste and See” should be banned.)

7. ADULT parishioners talk at conversational levels before and during the Mass. The example is set by the priest who talks loudly with some in the pews before Mass, while there were those trying to pray.

8. The bulletin advertises for a bassist for the parish’s folk group. They will be performing at two folk masses in February.

These signs were witnessed by Hubby and I visiting a new parish in central Massachusetts. I’ve read stories but now I’ve actually experienced such a Mass. Afterwards, Hubby and I felt we needed to go to Mass again.


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